Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Triple-Threat Tuesdays

Today wasn't intended to be a triple-workout day (5 if you count riding the pony and lunch with my Grandmother...yes, it is a workout to hear the same story 18 times in a row), but since I opted for wine and girl's night after a brutally stressful (and hormonal) Monday, I decided to kick my booty into shape...sadly that decision came after I realized I lost my keys, gave up looking and gobbled down cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Oops!

Workout 1: Bike - nice 2 hour spin. Banged this one out no problem. I LOVE my bike (well, bikes*, all of them).

Lunch/Horsey Time

Workout 2: Run - 75 minutes, hilly, pushing the pace - and I did just that... in pouring, driving rain. Then I hiked with the dog... in pouring, driving rain. And loved every minute.

Workout 3: Swim - just about 4k yards. and that will be done in time for me to tackle workout #4 - cleaning the house before LOST. Yes, I'm officially a loser. I admit I love that f-ing island. Maybe it's just that I had a hamster named Jacob.

Tomorrow marks the return of bike racing - I'll be racing with the FAST boys at the Bethel Summer Series Criterium. 1 hour, 1 mile loop, and a ridiculously fast pace. Now that I think about it, tomorrow will have a bit of swim/bike/run... with some nice aggravating time spent at the car dealership in the morning. Maybe that will help to fuel the workouts!

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Caitlin said...

Love it! Good luck at Bethel! I have a few friends who ride for Tarmac that ride Bethel as well. When is your next Tri? BTW - I think Ill race your Augst sprint tri and work at the one on the 18th of June. So excited! I love the summer! Now go and get some rest girl! Great workout! You are ass kickin'!