Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let it snow

Happy almost new year!!
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's almost New Years

...and I still have a lot to do in THIS year! In party prep mode, while conference calling and getting the 2009 races all lined up.

Gatorade sponsorship application officially went out this AM and getting a roll on the others. Nice to check things off that looming to-do list! Love that new Gmail add on, but I can always see it's looming orange glow in the corner of my screen, reminding me to stop checking facebook status updates and get back to work!

The workout plan for the week is running heavy and I'm trying to build up to running 6-7 days a week. Had a fun run yesterday and will have an even better one today in my new Bear Naked, Patagonia down vest! Sweet!!

There is a 90 minute ride on my schedule for today in addition to the run, core and plyometrics, but it may end up being a roller ride. It is freakin' freezing outside... though Sam rode his motorcycle to work this AM, so I shouldn't be such a baby.

Tonight is another round of Texas hold'em and Rockband. Am I in for another Texas style a$$ kicking?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Skype, Webcams and other technological fun

I should start all of this off by saying that I love my blackberry - it has served me well in various places and is super easy to use. That being said, I'm debating about becoming an Iphone user. I have a few needs that cannot be met by my humble blackberry Curve. Maybe it's the farting application that is now available, but dammit if I can't get my mind off all of the incredible features of the iphone!

With Spain fast approaching, I've been debating as to whether I should keep my blackberry and just add the international calling application for $5 (making my phone calls 1 dollar a minute) versus a new iphone that has wifi capabilities. My other option (that I am leaning towards) is bringing my laptop that has wifi and hooking up a Skype system w/ webcam. Skype-to-Skype calling and video calling is free.


In the short time I spent blogging/preparing for my run/researching Skype - I just purchased 2 Skype headsets. Still researching the webcams - any recommendations or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I have no clue what I'm doing with all of this!

Lots of fun news to come on my Earth Day 10k and 1/2 Marathon race. Check out for more details and reg page. Lots of cool stuff happening with that race!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes, I am supposed to be training (and blogging)

Howdy y'all! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday - my apologies for the blogging hiatus. Thank you for the emails asking for updates - all is well here!

The past few days have been a whirlwind of visits, car rides and lots and lots of cookies. Tonight I opted out of a family dinner to get some alone time at home - do laundry, clean the apartment, pay bills - all that fun stuff.

That careful balance of social life and training that I strive to maintain tipped entirely in favor of social events and I'd like to say I'm upset for missing workouts, but the energy I didn't expend working out was put to good use meeting new people and exploring new places.

On Tuesday night my very good friend Annie Rogers and her boyfriend, Jamie, came into town all the way from South Dakota. We headed out for a multiple-hour snowshoe hike and then went into town for dinner. Hilarity ensued.

At the last minute, Sam and I changed our plans and headed up to New Hampshire together to visit his family just outside Exeter. We arrived late and unfortunately Luna was not interested in letting us sleep in. We spent the day (Christmas Eve) bopping around Portsmouth - one of the cutest towns I've visited. It's like a mini, friendlier Boston. We drank coffee, window shopped and grabbed some last minute gifts before Christmas eve Mass - yes, I may be a Jew, but there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to sing!

That afternoon, I dragged the boy out for an hour run. He is seriously mister fitness - the boy hasn't worked out (he's in the off season) and has not run in who knows how long, but he def. put the hurt on me!

After mass (and an incident where a parishioner queried as to why I was not kneeling - "I'm Jewish") we made our way to the first of several holiday parties. It was a lot of fun getting to see Sam's hometown, the house he grew up in and hear stories of childhood debauchery straight from his best buds.

Christmas morning I found that Santa loves the chosen people too, as he brought fun presents and a stocking full of goodies - and no coal, thank you very much. After presents I took the dog for a short run around town and we piled in the car: Jersey bound.

Amazingly, Sam's family lives in the town where my Mom and Dad grew up - just wild. We recently moved my Grandma out of her house and into an apartment here in CT and it brought back a lot of memories being in her neighborhood. Christmas dinner, playtime with baby Liam and a yankee swap (where I scored a sweet Patagonia hat and calendar) made for great memories of a first Christmas experience.

The following day we hung with the fam and took Luna for a walk on a fantastic bike path that meanders along the Saddle River. It was packed with people and just beautiful. On our way home, we got an invite to another party, so we made a detour and met a crowd of ballet dancers for dinner. It was a great event and since there were vegans there, we weren't so out of place being vegetarian.

Saturday brought more fun with Annie and Jamie as it was their last night in town. Annie is my family and no matter how much time goes by between conversations or visits, we pick up right where we left off. We found a few other girlfriends that were in town, so we all met up for dinner. Poor Sam and Jamie were stuck in a country-girls version of Sex and the City.

While I'd love to be hammering my training right now, I think my happiness has a lot to do with how I train and if I like my training. I race happy, I train happy. Had I forced myself to get in the workouts, I would have sacrificed time with the people I really care about and that would have made for some serious resentment against my workouts.

Coach E has been amazingly understanding, though the whip will be cracked after the New Year, I can finally say I'm ready to train. I needed to top off the social tank (it's almost full and I'm sure I'll be fully ready after the New Year's party). Hopefully it can keep me running all year long.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

On the road again

We started in CT, then went to New Hampshire, now we're off to New Jersey. All the excitement is too much for little Luna (seen here napping in the car).
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Merry Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Luna in the snow

Luna LOVES the snow - she went rip-roaring thru it and then would launch off the snow embankments! Here is the happy dog:

Deeper than expected!
A few of the Tarrywile boys enjoying nap time - I believe that is the universal sign for "the party was good"


The first real snow has fallen and I can't think of a better way to welcome Winter (officially starting today!). There is a foot on the ground and it's still falling. The snow started early Friday and hasn't stopped yet.

Friday night, dress up clothes were swapped for winter gear as the Cannondale holiday party morphed into sled-run, mountain bike, anything-you-can-ride-down-the-hill fest! Great times were had by all and the next morning, after breakfast, I peered into the too-quiet living room to see Joey and Bill taking a nap.

Since I as of yet do not own a cross bike, my 3 hour base ride was out of the question, so I emailed with Coach E-Rock and we came up with some winter weather alternatives. I brought my cross county skis with me, but that was a no go, so Sam, Joey and I strapped on snowshoes and went out for about a 3 hour mountainous trek. I didn't think it would be a workout, but I was definitely wrong on that front.

It was a blasts and I'll have to get pictures from the boys to post here. It was beautiful - the woods were silent, except for the sound of the snowfall.

Once home, there was just enough time for a sled run before getting ready for dinner.

Another cozy morning later and I'm back home for a bit. Tonight is the 1st night of Chanukah, so we'll brave the weather again to join the fam for the festival of lights.

Happy Holidays and Happy Winter Solstice everyone!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Parties and other fun

It's a fun week and weekend here in Mandy-land! Tonight is the Cannondale holiday party, so last night I helped the boys decorate the house and hang mistletoe EVERYWHERE! YAY!

Training is going awesomely well - I'm just finishing up week 3 of training. I promised Eric I would commit myself completely to his training - he's been a saint and put up with my endless questions. After 2 weeks of getting back into the swing of things, I thought I was geared for a recovery week. Mind you, the recovery week I used to take were 1 workout a day, less than an hour and a full day off. Eric emailed me my plan for this week on Monday morning and as I looked it over, there were still 2 workouts a day plus core and plyometrics. I emailed him immediately : "E, I think I'm supposed to be on a recovery week". As calmly and patiently as ever, E explained to me that he wanted to keep up this fitness momentum, that I'm supposed to do these workouts, stay consistent, but keep everything "guilty easy".

Well, yesterday, I emailed Eric to tell him that my workouts have been going great, I've been sleeping a lot and I'm coming around, despite doing multiple workouts a day. He said it's all about the appropriate level of exertion and he was right.

Yup, I thought I trusted him before, but now I'm an even bigger believer.

Ok, off for a run and swim!

Stay warm everyone!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make your own sunshine

It's been wintery-mix for the past few days here in CT and the view from The Booth House (as the neighbors call it, despite the fact that it hasn't been in that family since about 1812 - the Booth family - the northern, liberal half of the same Booth family that assassinated Lincoln) is one straight from a Christmas card - now all I need is to strap a sleigh to Luna and we'll be a modern day Courier and Ives.

All this Winter chill gets me thinking about warm weather. A few years ago I was finishing up college at Boston University. I finished up a semester early and I remember plotting what I'd do with that extra semester.

When my sister graduated from college a few years before, she wanted a truck and trailer (she's in the horse business). When I graduated, I wanted a trip around Europe - some of it on bicycle. At that time, I was getting ready for my first Ironman in Lake Placid and wanted to get in training amidst the trip. I planned a tour around Italy, Austria and Spain - planning hotel stays, historic stops and finding pools, places to train and people to train with. Some of my favorite and funniest memories were my pool escapades in Vienna! Before planning the trip, I met a man online (that sounds a lot worse than it is) named Andy. He and his wife were living in Southern Spain and beginning to build a triathlon training facility. They came from Northern England and along with their two daughters, agreed that sunny Spain was healthier for all!

Talking and emailing with Andy and his wife, we became instant friends. Andy and Tracy since then, opened their doors to the creation of the Strong Like Bull training camp, now entering it's 3rd year! On these chilly days, I think of their warmth and of the land I call home.

I've always loved Spain - I've traveled there more than a dozen times at this point - all over, but Andalucia, the southern region and its capital city, Sevilla, have me in a spell. Studying Spanish for as long as I can remember, the connection has always been to this small area. Spanish is spoken the world over - in different accents and dialects, and yet none is more beautiful than in that small region. So too are the people, warm and kind - A perfect example is my friend Alf - a flight attendant I became instant friends with on the plane ride home. Alf visits when he flies into New York and I always have a place to stay in Madrid and Granada.

While talking triathlon is a great passion (well, talking in general), talking about Spain, about Spanish history and culture is a pleasure. Getting to share those loves with new groups of athletes every February makes me incredibly happy. Many of our campers travel from CT, NY and MA - places with some of the oldest US history - it always astounds me that our oldest history, is young for many of the places we visit!

I was chatting with a friend the other day about the changes of power in Spain - there was only one time in history when all faiths lived in peace and that was under the control of the Moors. Now there's a thought - live in peace - all faiths, all practices, all walks of life. We all know what happened when the Moors were removed from power - a little movement, called the Inquisition.

It's a good reminder at this time of year - to keep peace in our hearts, no matter what.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Click HERE for the evite!

Hope you can make it!!

The Holidays

Since I've been listening to endless amounts of holiday music, in between NPR that bookends my day, I've been thinking about the holidays. About what each of them means and about what I want them to mean for me and the people I care about.

Growing up, I was pretty much the only Jew. What always amazed me was that no one knew the major holidays, the pillars of my religion, but everyone knew Chanukah. Now, I love Chanukah - everyone does - but it is not a major holiday. The only reason it gets any attention really is because it falls around the same time as Christmas. Presents are wonderful, but it's always funny to me that people feel it's important to wish me a happy Chanukah.

My Grandmother (on my Mom's side) is without religion - she never saw a place for it in her life. She refuses to send out holiday cards that have anything to do with any holiday - she'll send out Happy New Year cards, which I always love. Send her a card that says "Season's Greetings" and she'll claw your eyes out. The way I feel about the words "Ain't" and "funner" do not even compare to how she feels about "season's greetings".

It's funny how the holidays bring out these parts of our personalities - parts that maybe we should keep to ourselves. Whether it is stress-induced or due to a lack of sunshine, I'm not sure, but I know that I plan to make a concerted effort this season to not let anything get me down. Being surrounded by positive, caring people that are truthful, honest and kind-hearted makes a world of difference.

And that leads me to the things I'm most thankful for:

I'm thankful for my friends and family - this year, you have all shown me that you are in it for the long haul. Your support of me in all pursuits - business and otherwise - means more to me than I could possibly express in words. I'm thankful for my parents who show me every day what love is. Who taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication and are always there for me in good and bad times.

I'm thankful for my boyfriend (yes, Sam, I finally said it - are you proud of me?!) who can make me laugh and has made me believe that I have more to give than I ever thought possible.

I'm thankful for my new home - a space all my own. (and the dishwasher, washer and dryer that are installed in it - hallelujah!)

I'm thankful for my puppy Luna, who is at once the greatest love and pain in the ass of my life.

I'm thankful for my horses - Cass and West - that always remind me of where I've been and where I'm going. They are the best friends - without judgment, always there and always up for some fun.

I'm thankful for my new coach, Eric Hodska, who answers every one of my millions of questions with humor, patience and the expertise only he has.

I'm thankful for Tuesday Night Texas Hold'em, where even if you don't win, you get to be (or at least play) a rockstar.

I'm thankful for my business that has taught me so much and opened so many doors to me and others. The people I work with are not just business contacts, but friends. Being able to do something good for charity and the environment softens the hard edges and stresses that come with the territory of running a small business.

I'm thankful for Ironman - an event and a sport that has added new dimensions to my being.

I'm thankful for my sponsors that will be staying with me for 2009: The Block Island Sport Shop, Cannondale, Xterra Wetsuits, Larabar, Bear Naked, Perfect 3 nutrition and JCT Racing

And mostly, I'm thankful that every January 1st brings the possibility of a new year and a new beginning.

I wish you all every possibly joy these next few weeks and in the new year!

Observation of the day

Rest days go by fast!

Got in a mini visit w/ Sam and the boys last night, I have such a blast with that whole crew - made a yummy meal for the travel-weary.

Now back to more year-end tax work, training and plotting a New Years/House Warming Party...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pedal On

I headed into the city yesterday afternoon after dropping Luna off for some quality time with her Grandparents. Steph was nice enough to put me up for the night and we went out for a girl-talk filled dinner w/ super athlete, Anna Banana.

While the service was bad, the extra time that the waiter spent hiding was great for extra story telling!

This morning, the alarm went off and Steph and I prepared for a ride with the girl's team. A few of the guys joined us as we headed up Riverside Drive en-route to Nyack and some cycling drill-playing.

First off, I love these girls - we are a diverse group of women (well, the men are diverse too) from all over the world and all over New York. It is so much fun spending time w/ these chicks on and off the bike and I was psyched we could all coordinate schedules for a fun outing.

The goal today was to get comfy riding w/ one another and to do some drills. Mercifully, drills are not particularly taxing as I've been on my bike maybe 3 times since Ironman. Out in Nyack we stopped for coffee and bathrooms with running water. Then it was time to head back into the big city to complete what ended up being a 4 hour ride (granted, some of that was tooling around the field to stay warm during drills).

My voice is hoarse from laughing and chatting against the wind - but today was an awesome day - a fun experience and as someone noted, I'm happier than I've been in a long time and it shows on my face. Could it be that this is a recovery week??!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Idle Hands

What do you do when the boy is away? Spend time with the girls of course!!

This has been a week of girly activities - keeping these idle hands from doing the devil's work! Pretty much, it means getting down to the business of doing my workouts, holiday cards and lots of year end tax work!

Each day this week I had random drop-by visits from friends, family and my sister (well, I guess she falls into the family category). Wedding update - we found her a dress! I can't believe my sis is getting married. I'm just hoping no one will notice that I'm not lining up to get married! I can commit to my training - that must count for something?!

Last night was Holiday in the Depot - my hometown has an event with lots of singing, shopping, food, wine and good cheer. It was a blast to see familiar faces and sing endlessly! I also picked up some hilarious little gifts that I can't wait to give!

This weekend is training, training and more training, but with lots of inapropriate girl fun thrown in. After today's workouts, I'm headed into the city to see Steph and Anna. Tomorrow morning, the women's road cycling team that I was asked to join this year is having a morning bonding session. Riding, gossip, games, coffee and more riding. I love these girls!

Will try to remember by camera!

Somewhere this weekend, I need to make time to make my chocolate truffles! Don't worry, Coach, I won't be eating them myself!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A legend leaves

Sat down with my cup of tea this AM and - and was saddened to see that a female icon and legend has died. The gorgeous and notorious Betty Page has died. You can read the obituary HERE. She was a phenomenal lady who pushed the envelope - not to mention she spiced up people's lives all over the country during her heyday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, y'all - it's that time of year again! Almost time for the Strong Like Bull Spain Training camp!

We filled the majority of the camp spots internally, and now we are extending an invitation to you lucky people! Details on the camp are HERE

Airfare is dropping daily making this trip more affordable than traveling on your own!

Imagine this:

You land in sunny Spain - it is about 75 degrees. A driver picks you up from the airport and brings you to the villa just south of Granada. There you have all the amenities - semi-private apartment, lounge/bar, 3-lane 25 meter pool, hot tub, cold tub, trails to hike and ride and the most beautiful view you've ever seen.

You have a healthy chef that prepares 3 meals a day. You have a lead and follow vehicle and custom designed training rides lasting from 2-6 or 7 hours! You have the option of a morning yoga practice, run and swim.

You have the chance to visit one of the wonders of the world - in a city that dwarfs our oldest history in the US.

We promise the pro-training of a lifetime for all ability levels!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry for the blogging hiatus, y'all! It's always funny to me when people say "it's the busy season" because every season is the busy season! I do have to admit, this year went by incredibly fast!

The past few nights have seen very little sleep - partly due to stress, but partly due to my neighbor who is putting in a new driveway. The tree guys arrived at 6:30 the other morning and were bull-dozing trees behind my house. Yup - right of way means you can kill things for convenience.

I started thinking back to just a few years ago - when I was in college, I didn't even shower and get ready to go out until 10PM. Now, a few nights of going to bed at midnight and I'm burnt toast. When did that happen? When did high schoolers start carrying around blackberries and Iphones? All of this got me thinking about milestones. At 24, I pretty much have 1 birthday milestone coming up, but after that - is 30 as exciting as making it to 16, 18, 21?

With all of that, I decided to start making more milestones. Ironmans count. Time with friends counts. Pillow talk counts. Hopefully, with the help of this self-indulgent medium, I'll be able to keep track of these mini-milestones a bit better.

Doing 2-3 workouts a day in my first 2 weeks back in training is a major milestone! Never done that before and I'm hoping that starting off right will lead to big dividends later on.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy little (Mandy) B(ee)

"If I could escape, and recreate a place that's my own world. And I could be your favorite girl, forever, perfectly together, now tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

If I could be sweet, I know I've been a real bad girl. I didn't mean for you to get hurt whatsoever, we can make it better, now tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet. The sweet escape." - Gwen Stefani

Well, my dear readers, it has been a fun-filled weekend here in Mandy-land! Friday was a night out with family and friends - it's so nice getting to catch up with everyone and I love New Englanders - it doesn't matter the weather, they are game for any outing!

Saturday Sam and I headed out for my longest ride since Ironman. 2 hours followed by a 20-30 minute brick and core work- you may laugh, but it was pushing it! The orders were to find a rolling/hilly course, but keep heart rate low and stay seated on the climbs. After a breakfast that would have fueled me thru a ride 3x as long, we geared up and got on bikes. The night before we ran into Bryan (a Cat 2 cyclist) and he made the comment - "there is no such thing as bad weather if you have the right gear". He was right. The temp didn't break 31, but we stayed toasty.

Heading out of town, there was a trailhead I had spotted the week prior. Bow hunting signs were posted, but it looked like a fun place to explore - I thought it would be dirt road. Mind you, I currently ride a POS road bike for training with the cheapest components you can buy. Sam on the other hand, was riding a brand new super six. A cross racer at heart, there was no way the boy could say no to some off-road adventuring! The "dirt road" ended up being more of a single-track path that traveled along the risers over the housatonic river. It was quiet, windless and just plain gorgeous. I got a taste for cross riding and will def. be racing that next year!

The path popped us out about 40 minutes later onto a dirt road that is a true running mecca. It was fun to bomb down the dirt descents and try to climb out of them w/0 the rear wheel skidding away.

We continued the ride toward Kent, veering off the main road to cross the Covered Bull's Bridge and ride along the dirt road thru the Indian reservation. Refueling on this ride meant stopping for tea and hot chocolate and then riding home the way we came. Amazingly, neither of us got flat tires and it was the perfect workout. I can't wait to run in there!

The transition run went better than expected. My new neighbors are all so nice - I'm known as "pigtails with puppy" and it's awesome encouragement.

After thawing out a bit, we went into the city for the Koru DesigNZ launch party - a fashion and jewelery line started by my cycling teammate and women's team captain, Peta Takai. The C-dale crew rolled mob deep - and after a fun vegetarian pan-Asian dinner, we made our way to the Tribeca bar for the party.

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera for the workouts, but I will post some pictures from the launch party. In the meantime, go visit Peta's website.

Today was a blast - a silent run thru Steep Rock land trust. The snow was still falling hard this afternoon in NorthWest CT - with the elevation, we get more snow than other parts of the state. It was pure joy blinking the snowflakes from my eyelashes and making the only (human)footprints that would appear in Steep Rock today. While it wasn't one of those "effortless" runs, things are certainly getting better after my first week of training.

I'm looking forward to Spain in February, but it's nice to know I can find my own "sweet escapes" right here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Friday Observation

Today is a great day - Woke up early to walk the dog, hopped on my bike, got tons of work done and will head to the pool soon.

I thought I'd start a little series here - every once in a while - post "observation of the day". It may be more like "wish of the day" or "crabby comment of the day", but just go with it.

Today's observation: I am jealous of Advent Calendars. Yes, I get 8 nights of Channukah, and depending on who I'm dating, I get a Christmas present (Santa loves good Jewish girls) - but I love the idea of counting down days, preferably with pop-open boxes filled with chocolate. New business venture, perhaps?

Ok, so that wasn't so painful - was it?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shock and Awe

"Grab hold of her feet before she floats of the floor. Before she floats out that door. You want to put her in your pocket." The White Stripes

I emailed coach E-Rock last night... I am to contact him every day - yup, pretty much the coolest thing ever for a hyper-active chatterbox that loves talking tri! On Sunday night Eric sent me my training plan for the week. "Consistency is key this week", he said - yup, got it. I always seem to forget how out of touch my mind is with my body during the off season. My brain says "yes, you can run 18 miles at a 7:02 pace" but my body can barely shuffle thru a 40 minute easy run. "Tune out" He said.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure I'd get in any of the workouts E gave me, but I did as he said, tuned out and just suffered thru. Here we are on day 3. It's been a busy day of moving furniture from storage and getting the house in order - Can't wait for the grand unveiling!
So tonight I got my bike all set up in front of the TV (SO much good tv tivo'd) - I ride for about 30 seconds and my derailer(sp?) cracked clear in half. Yup. Mandy goes boom - thankfully into the plush new (to me) living room set!

So today's workout was fouled up, but I'll get to the shop in the AM and get in a good ride and swim tomorrow and continue with the training plan I'm calling "shock and awe". 50 x 50 - can't wait! Consistency - it's amazing how much we take for granted when we're fit... I know how bad I feel 5 lbs overweight - I can't imagine carrying around any more than that... it makes something challenging that much more so. Then again, I don't do this stuff because it's easy - I do it because I love the challenge, I love to push, I love to shock and awe (sometimes at Texas Hold 'Em).

Rock on y'all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me and my buddy

Luna and me after our run today. She immediately retreated to the bedroom for a nap and yes, that's really how big her head is... Just about 10 months and she'll get even bigger.

today was day 2 of my training with coach Eric...wasn't sure I'd get in either workout and did both! And they went well!

Ok, off to play texas hold 'em with 2 pro downhillers - wish me luck!
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Pure Sweet Hell

Yes, this movie rocks - go watch it, and then go ride your road bike (I mean, cross bike) in the mud.

HUGE congrats to someone who I know enjoys that pure sweet hell - Mr. Michael Seiler - the Kentucky cyclocross state champion - WOOT! M also has an awesome blog, not to mention I'm pretty fond of his girls!

Sunday night YUM

It was like the last supper - my training for 2009 officially starts TODAY! That means I'm not only getting off my badonkadonk, but I'm also (ahem) eating healthy. Yes, you may say, you are vegetarian and have a very clean diet - oh, but dear reader, do you know my love for all things sweet, baked and delicious?!

Thankfully, I have been able to pawn off my dessert creations on others - family, Sam and the C-dale crew, the doctors and nurses at the office, the post man (Surprise! There's a cookie in the mailbox for you! He didn't take it the first day, so I put a note on it the day after). Last night I decided I needed a new "decadent/healthy" dessert, so I checked a blog that is fantastic - take a look HERE

Last night we had home-made (by my friend Michael) corn chowder soup, swiss cheese grilled cheese on Newfoundland bread (a whole-wheat, molasses bread - also by Michael), decorative veggies and vegan double-layer pumpkin cheesecake. The meal wasn't all selfish - while I am vegetarian (NOT vegan), my whole family is lactose intolerant - vegan recipes do the trick, esp. when it comes to dessert - though smart balance does make a good substitute in times of need.

While it is definitely not Junior's cheesecake (Gawd I miss Brooklyn) - it was a nice consistency. OH! And I made a granola crust - See E-Rock - I'm trying!

I may or may not have had a slice after breakfast this AM, but mercifully (for my diet that is), I'm getting it out of the house and into someone else's kitchen.

Here are a few pics of the lovely finished product. The lighting makes it look very orange, but it is actually a pretty pale-peach color.

Off for a run and a swim - more on that later!